quality chassidic literature for children



  • ​​This edition of Hayom Yom for children guides and instills young children with pearls of Chassidus on a daily basis--Rabbi Michoel Seligson, author, the Annotated Hayom Yom

  • This Hayom Yom is an amazing accomplishment. It is written in a way that enables young children to understand and appreciate these precious daily gems.--Rabbi Shloma Majeski, dean, Machon Chana Women's Institute

  • An invaluable sefer, especially in this day and age, which brings out chassidishe concepts for children in a practical and engaging way. -- Rabbi Yosef Y. Simpson, principal, United Lubavitch Yeshiva

  • Clear and illuminating, A Diamond A Day is just like its name! Chaya Shuchat explains each Hayom Yom in a creative and friendly manner that can talk to every child. This book will surely - with Hashem's help - increase ahavas Hashem, a stronger hiskashrus with the Rebbe and a chayus in living in the ways of Chassidus. Yasher koach!--Mrs. Leah Namdar, Shlucha, Goteburg, Sweden

  • A Diamond a Day is chinuch in its finest form. It gives children a true chassidishe gefihl and accustoms them to think, feel, speak and act like chassidim. Each day is truly a day and helps children prepare for Yemos Hamoshiach. --Mrs. Shterna Sarah Krinsky, teacher, Bais Rivkah High School

  • There are real examples, stuff that might happen to a real kid. That's what makes it interesting. --Mirel Lipskier, 9, Crown Hts.

  • Growing up in the 1980s, we always did hayom yom around the supper table. Sometimes we got it and sometimes we didn't. Then I grew up and started doing hayom yom around the supper table with my own kids. But they always get it, because of Chaya Shuchat's book A Diamond a Day. it's priceless as a tool to create a Yiddishe, chassidishe home. -Sarah Cohn, Tel Aviv

  • It was such a nice surprise to find that A Diamond a Day is dedicated to our beloved father, Rabbi Yitschak Meir Kagan, a”h. It means a lot to us that you are still thinking of him and appreciate his work on translating the original Hayom Yom into English. We know he would have loved what you are doing—bringing Hayom Yom to a child’s level—and we are certainly enjoying reading it with our children.--The Kagan family

  • This is a book for every Jewish child. ---Ellina Graypel, Brooklyn, NY